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P O Box 851, South Plainfield, NJ 07080


Early pioneers came up with an idea to start an organization named INDIAN CULTURAL SOCIETY OF NJ. In 1986 it was formally registered as a non profit organization and established the initial Executive Committee to support and do volunteer work for ICS of NJ.

Our most of the activities centered on celebrating our festivals as a group and conducting some cultural events for community and members.

Summer Picnic: For members of ICS family and their friends since 1990. Every year more than 500 people attends summer picnic. We normally serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for all participants. During day activities such as games, raffle and live entertainments are conducted with the help of sponsors, committee and volunteers.

Flag Hoisting: With our members and friends and families, ICS proud to celebrate India Independence day at Union, NJ. With the help of local government leaders and officers we are able to do flag hoisting.

Navratri: Since 1988 ICS is doing Navratri Celebration every year. Normally, 3000+ people attends each day to play Rass-Garba. ICS started to invite Bollywood celebrities from INDIA to celebrate Navratri event with participants. ICS also invite local, state and federal level US politicians as well as from India.

Christmas Party: Every year ICS celebrate Christmas with members, trustees, committee members, supporters, invitees, friends and families as a gala party. Average 500+ people are attending our Gala Christmas Party.

Gujarati Drama / Dayro / Musical Evening: Sometime ICS sponsors this kinds of different events to promote our language, culture and heritage.

Honoring Indian Successful People: This is our unique special event, that we are doing in few  


Primary objectives of ICS is to promote Indian Culture in NJ. Our Goals are:


ICS Executive Committee

Rajesh Patel

Exe. Vice President

Kamlesh Shah

Vice President

Pandu Shere


Shreejay Purohit


Hitesh Patel

Joint Secretary

Kalpesh Patel

Joint Secretary

Tushar Patel

Joint Treasurer

Shailesh Patel

Joint Treasurer

Chinubhai Patel

Joint Treasurer

Jitendra Amin